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Sound: ********1/2
Value: *******
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Measurements can be found by clicking this link.

As my experiments in headphone tuning and experience in testing headphones show, there’s no more effective way to tweak your headphones’ sound than by changing the earpads. My recent reviews of the Dan Clark Audio Æon 2 Closed and Monoprice Monolith M1570 headphones, which offer or include alternative sets of pads, showed that the right set of pads can transform good cans into great ones. The problem, which Dekoni Audio is working to solve, is that it’s tough to know if a set of pads will give you the sonic change you desire.

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Originally published on SoundStage! Xperience

Sonarworks True-Fi measurements using headphones mentioned in this review can be found by clicking this link.

Anyone who’s tried a few different headphones knows their sound can vary wildly. Some sound harsh and thin, others dull and bloated, and many sound good but have a few annoying quirks. When you consider these differences, and that most headphones are now connected to smartphones and computers, it’s not surprising that many apps have emerged to equalize ’phones for better sound. One of those is Sonarworks’ True-Fi ($79 USD), an app for Windows or Apple OS that I first encountered at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

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Ragav 3 days ago AKG K371 Headphones
@Brent ButterworthHi Brent! AKG also launched the K275 closed back, K245 semi-open back, and the K175 ...
Mauro 6 days ago HiFiMan HE400se Headphones
@Brent ButterworthThe two mentioned by Ragav are very different headphones by looking the oratory1990 measurements..
@JohnyI forgot to compare it very close to LCD-3 for 1/3 their price.
I have M1570 and also HEX and LCD-X. M1570 eats Sundara for breakfast with seismic ...
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@RagavIf memory serves, I contacted them and we e-mailed a few times, but I can't ...
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@Brent ButterworthIf possible could you review the ‘Austrian Audio’ Hi-X55 closed back and Hi-X65 open back ...
Brent Butterworth 11 days ago How to Not Go Deaf From Headphone Listening
@RagavThanks! Still making a living, so I can't complain. I hope you're well, too.

I don't ...
Brent Butterworth 11 days ago HiFiMan HE400se Headphones
@RagavI hate to generalize, but the number of closed-back headphones that can match the spaciousness ...
Ragav 13 days ago HiFiMan HE400se Headphones
How does the soundstage and spaciousness of the HE400se compare to the K371 and DT ...