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Originally published on SoundStage! Xperience

Sonarworks True-Fi measurements using headphones mentioned in this review can be found by clicking this link.

Anyone who’s tried a few different headphones knows their sound can vary wildly. Some sound harsh and thin, others dull and bloated, and many sound good but have a few annoying quirks. When you consider these differences, and that most headphones are now connected to smartphones and computers, it’s not surprising that many apps have emerged to equalize ’phones for better sound. One of those is Sonarworks’ True-Fi ($79 USD), an app for Windows or Apple OS that I first encountered at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

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Brent Butterworth 7 days ago Focal Elegia Headphones
@Ken GI don't compare my measurements to other people's unless they are using the same gear ...
Doug 7 days ago Focal Elegia Headphones
@Ken GI hope Brent can comment on this as there might be some reasons for the ...
Ken G 8 days ago Focal Elegia Headphones
Here are Jude’s measurements vs Focal Clear.
Ken G 8 days ago Focal Elegia Headphones
Brent, do you measure headphones the same as Jude on Head-fi? You both measured ...
Brent Butterworth 8 days ago Focal Elegia Headphones
@GCThe Clear sounds flatter and fuller to me. The Aeon Flows (with the white filter ...

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