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Brent Butterworth 1 days ago Focal Elegia Headphones
@S. Andrea SundaramThe G.R.A.S. 43AG is fully reversible -- it's designed so that the right and left ...
S. Andrea Sundaram 1 days ago Focal Elegia Headphones
@DougAssuming you continue to use only one ear simulator, do you
think you would measure a ...
Doug Schneider 3 days ago Focal Elegia Headphones
@Brent ButterworthBrent, even I learned things from that reply. I didn't know that the right was ...
Brent Butterworth 4 days ago Focal Elegia Headphones
@DaveSure. The right channel is the standard for the G.R.A.S. 43AG ear/cheek simulator. The standard ...
Dave 5 days ago Focal Elegia Headphones
@Brent ButterworthHi Brent,

First and foremost: Thank you for the thorough review and measurements. Really helpful.

May ...

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