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Brent Butterworth 16 hours ago HiFiMan Deva Bluetooth Headphones
@JayThey're very different headphones. The Devas are open-back so they have a more spacious sound, ...
@Brent ButterworthAKG K371 w/o BT? Half the price, maybe less.
Brent Butterworth 1 days ago HiFiMan Deva Bluetooth Headphones
@JayOh absolutely. You would have a hard time beating them even without the BT.
I don't care about the BT. Are they worth the money or should I buy ...
Brent Butterworth 14 days ago HiFiMan Deva Bluetooth Headphones
@PaulThanks! Yeah, I was a big Tyll fan, too.
2018-02-01, Brent Butterworth
I’d thought that the measuring of headphones was improving ...
2017-11-01, Brent Butterworth
As I write this, I’ve just returned from the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, where ...
2017-08-01, Brent Butterworth
There’s only one headphone model whose sudden disappearance would ...